Mystery March

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12 Explorers and two very excited Leaders left Golcar on the 11th March for our first ever Mystery March camp.

All the Explorers arrived ready for a weekend of fun and adventure but they had no clue as to what we would be up to or where we would be staying!

We arrived at Bowley International Scout Campsite in East Lancashire where the Explorers found out they were staying in a Tipi Village for the weekend.

2016-03-12 07.52.00 Tipi Village - Explorers 2016-03-12 15.41.33 2016-03-12 14.56.14 2016-03-12 12.26.03 Tipi Villlage

On Saturday morning we left Bowley on a road trip!

We soon arrived at Blackpool where the Explorers found out they were spending the day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

We invested Tanwen, Anna, Theo and Chloe on different rides around the park, from the Race Horses to the Pepsi Max (Just before reaching the top!).

On returning to our little Tipi Village we sat around the fire in the large tipi and relaxed after a very busy day.

On Sunday we took part in Tomahawk throwing which was great fun before packing up and returning to Golcar.

We can't wait until Secret September!

"I was somewhat worried about the mystery element, but it was nice that everything was a surprise as the weekend went on." - Ella

"Thank you very much for the amazing trip and I did like the way it was a mystery and that we had no clue of what we were doing and was being throw in the deep end" - Tanwen