Knotting with Balloons

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The Basics

Over the last few weeks 4th Golcar cub pack have been learning about knots! We started off by looking at some examples of big pioneering projects completed all around the world. After we’d seen some examples it was time for the cubs to have a go at some basic knots themselves. The leader team demonstrated the first five knots:

The Knots

  1. Reef knot
  2. Clove Hitch
  3. Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
  4. Square lashing
  5. Shear Lashing


Shear Lashing


The Game

Tonight though we’re having a bit of fun with knotting, the Cubs were put in teams and┬áchallenged to make a device using poles and ropes┬áto pop balloons.They didn’t have long so they had to get designing quick!


And after building their devices it was time to pop some balloons! Working in their teams the cubs had to burst as many balloons as possible in the given time without crossing the rope line.


After that there was just time to clean up the mess before home time. The cubs had now seen the different knots they’d learn’t being put to use in a real project. We’ve agreed that we will look at doing a more complex project in the future such as catapults to give the cubs a real pioneering experience.